My name is Jasper Bets and I’m 32 years old. I’m an aspiring artist who currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

My background as an artist may seem somewhat strange. I never officially studied art or went to an art school. Instead I studied economics and business and have been working internationally in Rural African Development, Research and Finance. To me being an artist however is not that strange. I believe art derives from creativity and creativity is what I always try to find and use in my work. Whether it’s doing research, financial supervision, screenwriting or art. I see no difference.

People who know me would say I’m more of an introvert person. Someone who feels comfortable manoeuvring in the shadows of the background, but at the same time steps into the light and speaks out when needed. This is also what I want to pursue with my art. My paintings are not meant to be the center of gravity, constantly battling for your attention. Instead I want them to integrate with their surrounding, and present themselves to you when needed. I want them to become part of your home and compliment your interior. I want to create art that fits you. Whether it’s one of the paintings from my current portfolio or a painting customised by your color wishes. I would love for you to enjoy my work.

Please feel free to look around and contact me if you have any questions.

Jasper Bets
jasper bets